Brendon Ainscow, Founder & CHO

Brendon is a dynamic and charismatic Leader with a proven track record of building and leading engaged, high-performing teams, both in Full-Service and Select-Service hotel and resort properties. His love for the Hospitality & Tourism industry stems from his passion for Leadership - for training, coaching and developing others.

Throughout his hospitality career, Brendon has successfully managed hotels for a number of the world's largest brands (including Hilton, Marriott and IHG Hotels), and has established himself as a "fixer" within the industry as he is well-versed in leading Hotel Rooms Division, Food & Beverage, and Sales/Revenue Teams to drive record growth & results. With an enthusiastic and innovative approach, Brendon is highly skilled at improving service standards and employee satisfaction scores in operations of all sizes.

Along with leading a number of successful hotel and resort properties, Brendon has extensive experience in Task-Force Operations, and providing support to multiple properties and levels across an organization.

Brendon currently resides in Muskoka, Ontario with his Labradoodle, Charlie, and in his free time enjoys exploring the outdoors with his "Fur-Baby".  He also enjoys event planning, travel, and aviation, and is actively involved in a number of community associations.

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